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Busiro Lillian

Kampala Students Centre


Dear HALEA Staff,

How are you doing over there and how is life? Let me hope that you are fine. I am a young mother aged 23 in form four at Kampala Students Centre. I was informed of HALEA by the administration of Kampala Students Centre when they got to know that I was on the verge of dropping out of school due to insufficient funds. They told me that HALEA has a chance for helping young mothers in school. The reason as to why I needed HALEA’s help was because I grew up with my grandmother who looked after me until when I completed my primary level. I completed my primary level in 2005. My grandmother told me that there was no money to continue with my education. I went and started working as a house girl for a couple of years and later became pregnant and gave birth to my baby boy John aged 5 years. The father to the child had agreed to take care of me and even took me back to school. Unfortunately, he died when I was still in senior two in 2013 yet he was the only source of my school fees. With the school administration’s support, HALEA agreed to help me continue with my studies and as I have already said, I am in my final year of Ordinary Level (O-level). Thanks to HALEA for their kindness and support that has made me reach that far but I would request HALEA to continue supporting me until I fulfill my childhood desire of being a Journalist.

Nakalembe Betty



I am 22 years old and I am in form six at Kampala Students Centre. I am very grateful for HALEA’s existence that were it not for you (HALEA), my education would have stopped at senior three. Before going into detail, let me give a brief of my history (story) before HALEA’s intervention. When I finished my primary education, I joined secondary in a certain school but when I was in senior three, I got pregnant and could not continue with my studies because the school suspended me as soon as it got to know of my pregnancy. I stayed with my boyfriend after my parents had also abandoned me but when the pregnancy was about 4 months the man also took off and left me stranded with the pregnancy. Through my cries, HALEA found me, took me to my parents and after their talk with Mr. Kato Mukasa, they accepted me back home and HALEA promised to take me back to school to complete my O-Level after I had given birth. Finally I gave birth to a baby girl who is called Naggawa Irene and HALEA made sure it fulfilled its promise by taking me back to school. I performed well at O-Level that HALEA accepted to sponsor my A-Level education.

I would further request HALEA to help me complete my studies by helping me join an institution where I can do a course of fashion design and hair dressing that will enable me start up an income generating project to take care of my child and family members.


Kakyo Grace

I am a Born-again aged 19 years and a mother of two children though I do not know where my first born is at the moment because she was taken away at a tender age by her father. I stay with my second born called David who is 2⅓ years but unfortunately he can neither speak nor walk at that age. To take you a little back, I grew up with my grandfather in current Fort Portal District and at 12 years, I was raped by the person I used to work for as a house girl who infected me with HIV/AIDS and made me pregnant that resulted into the birth of my first child. After sometime, the man took the child and also threatened to kill me. This prompted my father to bring me to Kampala specifically in Makerere Kivulu in 2010 where I fell in love with someone after two years since I was not studying and the condition at home was not all that good. He made me pregnant and after ran away after discovering that I was pregnant, hence staying with my father till I gave birth.

My father could not take care of me and my child yet he had other children and a wife to take care of with no permanent source of income. I decided to go on the streets and kept begging for survival. In 2013, HALEA found me and decided to help me and my child in the way they could after hearing my story. Since that time, they have been contributing for my rent, lunch, medication, counseling because for sure I had lost hope even though I was always in the church praying and they also set up an income generating project to help me and my child have the required basic needs.

kakyo 2

kakyo 1




I am so grateful with the help HALEA has rendered to me all those years but I need to be independent so that I can take care of myself and my child. If I am helped to learn Hair Dressing and start up a Hair Dressing Business (Saloon) as I had told HALEA initially, it would make my dream come true so that in the future I can also be in position to help others. With HALEA, I got to know that people can be good even without religion or believing in God, Long live HALEA!



Grace KakyoMy name is Kakyo Grace aged 17 [2013] with two kids, Nassolo Gift who is 2 years old and Byamukama David who is 2 months old. The kids belong to different fathers who both refused to accept being the fathers of the kids. I stay in a “Shark”- a small iron sheet- make shift room with no care whatsoever. I have to beg for a living. I dropped out in P.5 and conceived 1yr later, I am an orphan and HIV positive with a 2 months baby, I have no conducive place to stay and food is hard to get. This is my brief story. I come from a polygamous family and when my mother left our home in Fort Portal district, western Uganda, the step mother mistreated me and with no scholastic materials, no shoes no care I was forced to drop out of school and look for what I thought would be better life in Kampala.At 13 years, I boarded a bus and came to Makerere Kivulu slum where my auntie stayed, she refused to stay with me saying she was only in a single room and with many kids and I was old enough to take care of my self.I become a house girl for a man who had a shop in Kivulu.

One day, when the lady of the house was away, the man raped me and I only realized I had conceived after three months as my tummy started to swell. The man chased me from his home saying I had many men I was sleeping with. I was home less and frustrated. A good lady decided to give me shelter until I gave birth at Mulago Hospital. During my antenatal check ups,I was discovered HIV positive and I was terribly devasted.I had never had sex before I was raped and I knew the shop owner had infected me.Good enough the child was saved from getting the virus.
One year later, the man who denied fathering the child forcefully took the child away from me and even left Makerere Kivulu.I was frustrated once again. I loved my baby. Meanwhile I was doing casual work to earn a living including washing people’s clothes and pealing soya beans etc. Another elderly man begun seducing me with money and before I knew it, we were having sex.I become pregnant once again and the man run away from the area.I now have my baby, fatherless and helpless. I am told the baby is saved from HIV but I find it hard to feed my self and him. I can’t even cloth him.
Thanks to HALEA Youth Support Centre, they are giving me hope and I know I will live longer to learn hair dressing and start my own saloon, get my lost child back and make a good family. I need help to achieve my dreams, and I know with your help I can make it, live longer and be usefull.Thanks to you all.

Nassali Catherine

Nassali Catherine

My name is Nassali Catherine aged 16 [2013] and I am a student at Kampala Students Centre.I stay with my mother Nalubega Rose in Makerere Kivulu and my daughter Akin Melisa who is 9 months old. I thank HALEA for their effort to help me and I am interested in continuing with my studies.I got pregnant while at Bright Way Hill School and I dropped out of school because the school has tough regulations and pregnant girls can not be tolerated. In fact I chassed my self before I was discovered pregnant.

With the counseling and guidance from HALEA, my parents accepted me back home and I am continuing with my education. My dream is to complete my education without getting pregnant again.I joined HALEA’ entertainment club in 2012 and it kept me busy and entertained. I am now involved in educating other girls about avoiding early pregnancy and why they must keep of sex.Raising a child when you are still a child and depending on your parents can be very challenging, I need lots of help to complete my studies and with your support, I will keep on dreaming toaccomplish my set goals. Be blessed.

Babirye Faridah

Babirye Faridah

My name is Babirye Faridah aged 19 [2013], I stay with the father of my child, Mr. Mike Bebaza aged 20 in Makerere Kivulu but he cannot provide all our needs because he is a toilet cleaner with KCCA and their pay is not all that good. I left school in 2009 when I was in Senior One (S.1) due to pregnancy and I have a 2 year old boy Akram Tumusiime.I had lost hope to le the good life I had wanted. My family abandoned me immediately I become pregnant, my boy friend was also abandoned by his family saying by making a girl pregnant, he had proved to be old enough to take care of a family.

He was forced to look for casual jobs and rent a small mad and wattle room where we stay. Life is too hard there but we struggle to survive.HALEA has given me hope, I know if I learn a skill such as Hair dressing I will move around and look for hair dressing jobs or even later on begin my own business in the beauty industry. If I go for a Hair Dressing Course I think it can change my life.

Thanks to HALEA, my young family has hope to live life better in the near future, we never had such hopes. Thanks for reviving our dreams to hope for the best regardless of the hard present situation we live in in Makerere Kivulu slum.

Nakamate Esther

Nakamate Esther

My name is Nakamate Esther, I am 19 years old [2013] and I dropped out in S.1 in 2009 from Kampala High School. I stay with my grandmother Nandanfuka Mariam in Makerere Kivulu II. I have one Daughter whose name is Shatra Nanyange and she is 2yrs & 3months old. I was at school with the support of my parents but once I got pregnant, they hated me and chased me from home.I sought solace from my grandmother who never turned me away.

My parents blamed my grand mum saying he is responsible for my pregnancy having spoilt me by loving me too much. She is a poor woman and can hardly feed the many of us staying in a very small home. Many girls at home have resorted to prostitution and I was once tempted but I have abandoned it.I would like to have a Hair Dressing Course and start earning my own income, thanks to HALEA, I know I will get a practical skill and start a new and better life.

Nanyonjo Catherine

Nanyonjo Catherine

My name is Nanyonjo Catherine, I am 18 years old [2013] and I dropped out of school in S.3 when I was 17.. I stay with my mother Nakibuuka Betty . I have one child in the names of Ssebakide Fabin who is 1 year old but his father does not take care of him and therefore. I have tried to look for a job but I have totally failed because I have no qualification.

The best way is to opt for a practical skill and I love to do Hair Dressing Course that may help us in future.All my hopes are in HALEA helping me to get that future and I know with your help, I will make it and take of my child and my grandmother too.



My name is Mahoro Clementina, 20 years[2012]. I dropped out of school when I was 16.I got married as a solution to having the good life I needed then. I have two children and even when my boyfriend tried to provide for my needs, I still thought I was missing out on education. Thanks to HALEA officials who contacted me and encouraged me to go back to school. I joined Kampala Students Centre 2012 in Senior four. Having spent several years out of school was too hard for me to cope with the so many demanding subjects, nevertheless, HALEA officials encouraged me and some of them such as Mr. Kato Mukasa, taught me directly at the school. I sat for my UCE and I hope I will pass highly, I am determined to continue until I obtain a respected qualification. I have a new dream now and I will not stop until I have achieved it.


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