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Profile of young mothers

Namululya RehemahNamululya Rehemah My name is Namululya Rehemah aged 24[Age by 2013] and a mother to two; Matovu Treva who is 5 years old and Nakanwajji Florence who is 4 years old. I stay with my two children in Kivulu a Kampala suburb but both do not go to school as I cannot raise money to take them to school.I dropped out of school in Senior Two (S.2) and therefore have no qualifications but I try to survive by doing whatever job they call me for like washing people’s clothes, baby sitting and so on.

I have joined HALEA seeking support to learn a Hair Dressing Course because with that skill I can be able to create my business and cater for my family needs.I will be grateful if my children are adopted and sponsored in their education and I look forward to having individuals willing to further sponsor my hair dressing training as well as enabling me start an income generating activity to put into practice the skills learnt through the training.

Mbabazi TeddyMbabazi Teddy  

My name is Mbabazi Teddy aged 20 years [Age by 2013]  with two kids, Asaba Angel who is 7 years and Mwiru Dickson who is 1 year old and I stay with my parents in Makerere Kivulu. I dropped out of school in Primary Three (P.3) in 2006 and got my first child at 13 years, the father of my children is Sande Jackson who is 22 years and unemployed.
My 7 year old girl has never gone to school because we lack the basic requirements for even the public schools.

We can not afford a uniform and books and other scholastic materials for a public school. Besides, in Kampala schools, one must pay part of fees as a contribution even when they say that it is a free school. We can not afford that.HALEA has the willingness to help me but with little ability to support me learn an income generating activity, feed my children and take them to school.

I call upon all kind people to consider support young mothers like me achieve their dreams as well as helping our children. We stay in one of the worst slums in Uganda in a mud and wattle one roomed house. We call on your support. I prefer to go for a Tailoring Course and start my fashion designing company so that I can stop begging for a living. I will be grateful if supported.

Nakirijja Anitah Nakiriijja Anitah  

My name is Nakirijja Anitah aged 18 [Age by 2013] and I stay with my grandmother Nalubega Sarah in Makerere Kivulu.I dropped out of school in S.4 in 2011 and I am a mother to one daughter Nanungi Madrine who is 1 year and 2 months old. Once discovered pregnant, I was chased from school because of the tough regulations and pregnant girls can not be tolerated.

HALEA has given me hope to regain my life and learn an income generating skill which I hope to use to start an income generating activity. I wish that HALEA and its sponsors will continue helping me to become financially stable. I have opted for Hair Dressing and thanks to HALEA, such a skill will go a long way to shape my life for a better future.I welcome any sponsor who is willing to offer me support and help my children learn and get the basic needs.

Kalungi Annet Kalungi Annet  

My name is Kalungi Annet, I am 20 years old[Age by 2013], I dropped out of school in Primary Seven (P.7).I am a mother to two kids i.e. Kansiime Shakirah who is 2 years old and Muwanguzi Sharifah who is 7months old. I stay with my unemployed mother Mbabazi Ngelika in Kagugube Zone One.We share a single room with the entire family of 8 people and we have grown in such a miserable life that it was always hard to wave off seductions from men who offered me money for sex.

I basically lacked all the basic needs and by P.7 and got tempted and engaged in a sexual affair that led to pregnancy.I was already 18 when I was still in primary school yet at that age I would have been in secondary school. This was because I lacked fees and ended up missing exams and repeating classes.When I got pregnanant, I was disappointed and neglected by my relatives, abused by my peers but I decided to keep my baby and become a mother.Life as a mother is too hard especially when you lack support from the father of the child and from your family.

HALEA has reached out to me to offer support. I would prefer to go for a Tailoring Course and it is my hope that I will be supported.

Barbra Muruga  

My name is Babra Muruga aged 19 years[Age by 2013] with one son Abdul aged 3 years. I  dropped out in senior one because of the un planned pregnancy, I chose not to abort and keep my baby.I am an orphan yet even my son has no support from his father who is a tax conductor in Bugiri district, Eastern Uganda.I Stay in Bwaise with my 22 old sister who has two children already and earning too little to take care of all of us. Before joining HALEA, I was working as a house girl and got trouble with men who normally wanted to sexually exploit me.I have been learning computer lessons at HALEA since 2012.

I would like to continue benefiting from HALEA’s teens assistance scheme to continue learning computer skills and secure a job. I am finding it hard to take care of  my son who is ready to begin nursery school.Through HALEA, I have hope to secure sponsors who may further my education, enable me start a secretarial bureau and earn own income to enable me take of my son and my self

Atukunda Racheal  

My name is Atukunda Rachael, I am 19 years old[Age by 2013] with one child, aged 3 years.I dropped out in senior three in  2009 and my family abandoned me.I have worked as a cleaner and house girl until when I come into contact with HALEA and started learning computer studies at HALEA offices, I will be through with the course by the end of June.

I thank HALEA for the great opportunity because I can now communicate through internet and type work and I feel empowered. I am a single mother and I would wish to start and income generating activity using the knowledge in computing I have obtained through HALEA training. Any support is welcome. Thank you HALEA.

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