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As a humanist organization, HALEA sees young people as “Social Species”, hard-wired to connect, very creative but easy to confuse if not given the best life approaches especially to empower them think for themselves. That is why it is important having caring adults in the lives of young people. You can be that wonderful person too.

HALEA has resolved to continue offering social support to young people and more so, young mothers, so as to give them a chance to realize their independent dreams.HALEA will provide young people with the opportunity to:
•Participate as citizens, members of a household, and responsible members of society
•Gain experience in decision-making
•Interact with peers and acquire a sense of belonging
•Have time to reflect on self in relation to others
•Discuss conflicting values and formulate their own value system
•Experiment with their own identity, with relationships to others, with ideas
•Develop a feeling of accountability
•Cultivate a capacity to enjoy life.

Please join the effort to support young people; young mothers and several adolescents in the slums of Kampala begin to dream about a better life today and tomorrow. Your support can change a world for them or any one among them. Always remember, there is no greater way to transform our world than by developing one young person at a time through relational mechanisms such as mentoring and education. You can do it. Join us, do it.

Have you been counted in Atheist Census


Have you been counted in Atheist Census at atheistcensus.com?  Atheist Census is a global project to count and capture a picture of the world’s atheists – we’re building up a profile of atheists’ preferred non-religious title, religious background, education level, age, gender identity and country.  Over 200,000 people have already contributed, and some of the results may surprise you!  Numbers matter.  Be counted.



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