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Still not safe to be a mother in Uganda

Today is Mother’s Day! This day was set aside to honour mothers, motherhood, the maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is therefore only right that as we remember our mothers for bringing us forth to the world, we also reflect on the challenges mothers face as they play this very important natural duty.

This week, Save the Children, an international organisation dedicated to the welfare of children, released its 14th State of the World’s Mothers Report. The report measures the best and worst countries to be born and to be a mother.

Using two indexes – the Birthday Risk Index that measures the chances of Continue reading

As a humanist organization, HALEA sees young people as “Social Species”, hard-wired to connect, very creative but easy to confuse if not given the best life approaches especially to empower them think for themselves. That is why it is important having caring adults in the lives of young people. You can be that wonderful person too.

HALEA has resolved to continue offering social support to young people and more so, young mothers, so as to give them a chance to realize their independent dreams.HALEA will provide young people with the opportunity to:
•Participate as citizens, members of a household, and responsible members of society
•Gain experience in decision-making
•Interact with peers and acquire a sense of belonging
•Have time to reflect on self in relation to others
•Discuss conflicting values and formulate their own value system
•Experiment with their own identity, with relationships to others, with ideas
•Develop a feeling of accountability
•Cultivate a capacity to enjoy life.

Please join the effort to support young people; young mothers and several adolescents in the slums of Kampala begin to dream about a better life today and tomorrow. Your support can change a world for them or any one among them. Always remember, there is no greater way to transform our world than by developing one young person at a time through relational mechanisms such as mentoring and education. You can do it. Join us, do it.

Have you been counted in Atheist Census


Have you been counted in Atheist Census at atheistcensus.com?  Atheist Census is Continue reading

10-year old Colombian girl gives birth

HALEA is currently campaigning against cultural practices that lead to child motherhood, here is a story you should read …… from

At 10 years old, I didn’t even know what sexual intercourse was. At 10 years old, I was not sexually developed enough to have a baby. Continue reading

Forgotten Mother’s

There’s still hope to live life in it’s Fulness.

Go HALEA for the society and it’s forgotten mothers.

Raped by a Boda Boda man


Defiled.abandoned by a ‘boda boda’ man

Sylvia Nakalongo, aged 19 walks with her hands because she was born disabled. She has a one-and-half-year-old lovely daughter she cannot lift due to her physical incapability.

Nakalongo remembers her bitter past, but she has moved on.

The only easier means of transport she is left to use when there are no taxis is a motorcycle a.k.a. boda boda and since she has no job, there are many times when she has no money and is left stranded, immobile.

The calm-looking single parent uses boda bodas not out of choice, but rather due to lack of it—choice. Yet it is that same means of transport that once piled more misery in her life with her physical disability, especially in a society where the disabled are highly discriminated by many.

Nakalongo now has to look after a child she had never planned for, and whose father she does not know nor can ever trace.  All she knows is her daughter’s father, a motorcyclist then, raped and abandoned her on one such an agonizing day Continue reading